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Swimming Pool Resurfacing, Cement Decking, Coping and More

Pound Pool Plastering Services

Pound Pool Plastering aims to provide our clients with educational materials to help ensure that they know everything there is to know when it comes to properly caring for their new swimming pool plaster.

Below we have included some basic terms that Pound Pool Plastering uses when it comes to discussing pool plastering, pool renovations and pool repairs.


Pound Pool Plastering specializes in Hydrazzo, Diamond Brite, Sunstone, Traditional White Plaster, and Quartz Aggregate. Each plaster surface offers a unique finish and look to the project. You will find more in depth descriptions and pictures of each option on the Products Page of our website.


We are able to offer our clients the largest selection of frost proof swimming pool tile. For many people the importance of this is lost however when it comes to the tile around your pool it is extremely important.

Pound Pool Plastering uses only tile that absorbs .5% or less water which is referred to as frost proof. This tile is the only tile used by our expert pool team because it offers the highest defense available against frost and in turn against cracking. Don't be fooled by companies offering frost resistant tiles for less expensive. Frost resistant means that water is absorbed at a rate between 3 and .5% meaning that 3 to .5% of the water will be absorbed into the tile.


When it comes to caulking the coping the process takes on a step by step approach. Many homeowners rush the process which causes issues for pool owners down the road. It is important also to remember that the caulk will need between twenty four and forty eight hours to thoroughly dry. We offer our clients the choice of Polyurethane or Silicone caulk for their pool areas.


Coping is the capstone for beams and is used to give a finished look to the pools edge while making it flush to the pool deck. Our team offers clients a wide selection of Brick, Precast Cement, Granite and Travertine Coping options to choose from.

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